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there, as they have limited control over defecation in my observations. Youll see those for sale. Scolding will not encourage your guinea pig to use its litter box. Time and patience can be its own reward with a guinea pig, and just like any creature what you put into them is what you get out of them. You could also get bigger foil containers from the dollar stores. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Instead I did a lot of upcycling experimentation to see what worked well. Our first guinea pig litter box was perfect for when they were little. Its 139 and bigger than the other container we used. In those cases a litter box can be placed in the corners to collect the urine and be changed out as necessary. If it's causing your guinea pig this much stress, your guinea pig is better off without. Keep in mind, however, some guinea pigs simply won't take to their litter boxes. It doesnt need to be nice, its going to get pooped. Article Summary X To litter train your guinea pig, take note of where it eliminates in its cage over a few days. Not only that, but back the cage takes a lot of paper bedding. Clumping cat litter can be dangerous for guinea pigs. Make sure the litter box is easy for your guinea pig to get in and out. You can buy a litter box online or make one yourself. How do I get my guinea pig William to poop in a litter tray instead of his bed? Just normal bedding is fine.

T come back once I let it out demy paper size in mm of the cage. Litter boxes that work best are those that allow a guinea pig to get his entire body in the box. Submit Tips Always reward your guinea pig if you catch it pooping in the box. Avoid scolding your guinea pig, t scold your guinea pig for not using a litter box. Go for organic paperbased litters, frequently Asked Questions About Pet Guinea Pigs 8, litter Box Idea.

Cat litter as bedding?Thread starter chloed; Start date Nov 13, 2011; Status.I ve spreaded recycled paper pulp bedding for cats (Breeder Celect) in my C C a few years back.

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I do, see questions and answers about guinea programs pig behavior. It can be tossed, however, but when it gets icky, the nice thing about these upcycling projects is that it keeps stuff out of the landfill a bit longer. See questions and answers about guinea pig health.

Check out my post.Guinea pigs may eat clumping cat litter, and can choke.Please avoid using clumping cat litter, which might cause health issues for guinea pigs.


How to Litter Train Guinea Pigs: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

A guinea pig will not eliminate in a dirty litter box.Guinea Pig Litter Box.