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pivot point editor "Sprite settings" is now "Edit pivot point" with new icon. TexturePacker warns about not writing into Unity's assets folder when using in path Mac OS X (64 bit) Windows (32 bit) Windows (64 bit) Ubuntu (64 bit) Version.5.3 Features Support for ATF textures with no mipmap levels Added warning for pvrtc2/4 when writing non. Choose from 2,000 professionals ready to do the work for you. Features Support for Kwiksher Windows MSI installer Codesigning on Windows Fixes cegui exporter texture width and height Version.4.6 important: This update is using a new MSI based installer. Gz (Windows) Tracer tolerance tooltip Wrong instruction displayed in "install command line client" Crash when generating compressed ATF textures with size 64x64 Simplified windows installer Fixed status bar in PVR viewer Icon resolution on Windows Duplicate recent file entries due to slash / backslash. Light maps) Layout: Option to align sprites to a grid in polygon mode UI: Panning with middle mouse button UI: Sprite tree view supports literature copying sprite names to clipboard UI: Warning if POT size constraint conflicts with maximum texture size UI: Only display relevant scaling. Only export pivot points if enabled (json, XML). Better formatted error messages in command line.

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Different features are extracted for Pattern Recognition using an efficient algorithms like Scale Invariant Feature Transform, Rotation invariant Radon Transform and extracting statistical features of a texture image.Performance analysis of grid texture based feature vector for dynamic signature recognition Grid texture features based feature vector.

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