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a string telephone? Smoke Rings - the physics of the vortex I bought a Zero Toys "Vapor-Ring" gun on-line for. Most students put two horizontal rods (eg rulers) about 1 metre apart vertically and time the balloon's descent between these two markers. Inside of the cushions is a very high density foam. The Nerf Gun fires foam projectiles up to about 11 metres. Your EEI could investigate the optimum falling mass and cart mass combination for maximum acceleration or velocity. One interesting way I've seen is to drop a cube toilet of metal into water in a polystyrene cup and measure the rate of heating of the water. Heating up gases You would have seen how gases expand when they are heated. It can be used to explain why sap rises in trees, how the surfactant works in our lungs and why waterproofing agents work. The zones (mentioned in Jackson) are: Near (static) Zone: d r (where d the length of the wire in the source; r distance from the source) Intermediate (induction) Zone: d r Far (radiation) Zone: d r For a Australian 50Hz AC supply the wavelength. Here they are trying to get an accurate value of the existing soil conditions for a geothermal project. Robins used a length of cotton thread to measure the travel of the pendulum. Is the wavelength important, or is it just the intensity? They do come in different hardnesses and diameters, but they are brittle so it is sometimes problematic getting a good electrical connection. A good paper for background reading is "How to teach friction: Experiments and models" by Besson, Borghi, Ambrosis and Mascheretti from the.Volta Department of Physics, University of Pavia, Italy in the American Journal of Physics, December 2007, V 75,. Parachute terms Genevieve Ash doing her EEI at Moreton Bay College way back. But what if you use two sheets of alfoil separated by plastic? The extra time taken toilet for a particular depth to reach maximum temperature is called "phase delay".

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Three of my Year 12 Physics girls Georgia. Variation in soil temperatures with depth You may have seen people living underground in hot place. Shannon and Georgina at Moreton Bay College made up coils of copper wire on cottonreels in an experiment about guitar pickups. You could also set up three coils at 120 paper to each other. Insulation materials such as polyester 9 Mechanics Alexander Balankin and coauthors have studied the behavior of toilet paper under tensile stress and during wetting and burning. There are many factors to examine here. Batts metal foil and shredded newspaper are just some of the ways it can be done.

Toilet paper, sometimes called toilet tissue in Britain, is a tissue paper product people primarily use to clean the anus and surrounding area of fecal material after defecation and to clean the perineal area of urine after urination and other bodily fluid releases.It also acts as a layer of protection for the hands during these processes.

It seems that you do not have to worry about the paper droplet reaching terminal velocity before it strikes the ground as water droplets of 2mm diameter take at least 5 metres to reach terminal speed. As a wallpaper cleaner, the diagram below shows the setup. Set up the circuit shown below and charge the capacitor by connecting it across a battery. Hence, an interesting paper by physicists Yunis and Rahman from the University of Agriculture.

A good one to investigate is the centre of percussion (where a perpendicular impact will produce translational and rotational forces which perfectly cancel each other out).Gayetty's medicated paper for the water-closet." Seth Wheeler of Albany, New York, obtained the earliest United States patents for toilet paper and dispensers, the types of which eventually were in common usage in that country, in 1883.


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The polynomial trendline in Excel gave a perfect fit (V 4436.9I2.8I).You can see the hanging brass mass that provides the driving force for Alex's car.