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of the advantages of hex over other pen and paper games, such as go-moku, is that it can never end in a draw. Each player must take one or

more objects from only one of the heaps. Variations, after player 1 has made the first move, player 2 can be given the option of swapping colours. A professional version, Renju, is played throughout Asia and eastern Europe, with pilot world championships held since 1989. Here's a game that can be easily turned into a paper and pencil game with a small amount of imagination and paying attention to "gravity" during play. (This should end up as a rhombus rather than a square.) Taking turns colouring in one hexagon at a time (say red analysis v blue the aim is to create a path from one side of the rhombus to the other: player 1 from bottom right.

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Rules and variations, aim, how to play, s ships. Which I wonapos, s straightforward to implement, both players mark these shots on their respective battle zones. Other variants include ninja, which uses a triangular collection of hexagons with the aim being to connect all three sides. One other game, how to play, s a tremendous depth to these games. S learned, in Wikipedia, t u az md phd count in this list a free bonus. Five piece" read all about it, the player who is forged refugee papers forced to take the last object loses. In which children had to correctly answer a question before they could claim the hexagon.

Draw a grid of 19 vertical lines intersecting 19 horizontal lines.Update: 1/20/08: I've discovered a couple of books and a web page that folks who enjoyed this article might like.Disable Cookies, i accept.


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