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find new printer cartridges that fit your printer model in our ink toner search. Are you out of paper or do you have a paper jam? Is your printer

connected to a network? Go to the start bar. have you checked the printer queue? Right click the printer you want to set and mark it as the default printer if it's not already marked as such. If you have paper in the printer mechanism this needs to be manually removed before the printer can print analyzing again. Paper is coming out when trying to print skip this article and go directly to our print quality problems article instead. Check your printer manual for the correct ranges of thickness and paper size. Print a test page. All these conditions might cause your printer problems since the paper feeding mechanism will not operate. Do you have the correct paper size in the correct paper tray? Printer Cartridges for All Brands, this article is part of the. Have you made any changes recently on your printer or in the printers settings? If the printer is not printing, have you checked that you actually are standing and waiting for paper to come out from the correct printer? Are you printing to the correct printer? are your ink or toner cartridges empty? A window opens up with icons for all available printers, right-click the icon for the printer that you want to use as the default printer. Double click on the printer in question and try to remove all documents from the printer queue before trying to print again. Does the indicator lamp indicate a problem?

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There should be one more papers cable which is the one connecting to the wall outlet. If you use the Windows operating system. What kind of printer problem are you currently having. Do you have a printer cable failure. Apart from this cable, before reading the troubleshooting guide, note that changing rollers can be easy to do on some printer models while very hard to on others. It is not to uncommon for people to go to Printer A while they are in fact printing to Printer. To the top of the article. Go to start menu and click on your printer and faxes icon in the control panel. Open the cover on the printer and check that no paper is hindering the movement of the printhead.

The printer s page length settings for the front or rear tractor do not match the size of the continuous paper you are using.Check the page length settings for the front or rear tractor using the printer s default-setting mode.Top 10 HP printing problems and how to fix them.

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Is your aetas printer connected directly to your computer or to a network. The rollers feeding the paper through the printer might be worn down. Missing your printer brand, when power is applied, if your printer is newly bought and unpacked. Ink cartridge or toner cartridge related printer problems should normally be detected by the printer which then should indicate this with a blinking or non green lit indicator lamp. You should be able to hear the printing mechanism move inside or the printer should start to" Assuming that you are using Windows Vista. Check that no tape is attached causing your printer problems by hindering the printhead movement. Links to most printer manufacturers can be found on our printer manufacturer list. The printhead needs to be able to move freely.

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A printer that is switched on normally have a green indicator light lit.Have you checked the printer queue?