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business intelligence (BI) software company, with more than 39,000 customers worldwide, including over 80 percent of the Fortune 500. With the rise of digital business and the emergence of the millennial workforce, expectations for analytics applications have changed. SAP is the only vendor to meet the needs of both groups. Highly formatted reports spawn immeasurable user confidence and make a huge difference with the ultimate goal of business intelligence - solving business problems. You'll also have the opportunity to select several different descriptive attributes about published reports. We'll also be working exclusively in the report panel to provide you with tips for creating the optimal analytical experience for your business users. SAP BusinessObjects is a powerful information generation and delivery system, but the opportunity for broader distribution and consumption of that content is almost as significant. Scheduling reindeer these types of reports saves time and allows users to log on and view the latest instance of a report rather than the user having to refresh a query after every report. Designing Reports for a Specific Purpose. Learn about progressive enterprise publishing. There are quite a few other questions you could ask that are also helpful, but knowing how users want to see the data will get you designing on the right path. If you can include some of those ideas in your designs, you might get user acceptance quicker than expected. Before we get started, let's cover a little housekeeping and briefly discuss viewer settings. Business Objects helps organizations of all sizes create a trusted foundation for decision making, gain better insight into their business, and optimize performance. For organizations in the financial services and insurance industries, as well as for the Finance and Audit teams in all public companies, BI publishing is a critical piece in the information governance puzzle. Migrations, upgrades and service packs are facts of life for BI platform managers and administrators. Web Intelligence has no shortage of choices here with the following options available to report developers or power users: - simple report filters, also known as the filter bar - input controls provide powerful and dynamic filtering residency - block filtering allows you to enter design. Migrating to SAP BusinessObjects. Apos well managed BI solutions automate, enhance and extend the capabilities. Download these apos white papers to discover how. This paper will focus on the finer points of report development a s they relate to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence to help you get to the. Large-Scale BI 4 Platform Deployment White Paper - This white.

S most important to you, get ready to extend your Web Intelligence report design journey with the formatting tips outlined in this white paper. Providing increased distribution and security options. As long as youapos, address, and improved information distribution governance, these attributes will give you information at a glance about the reports published to the SAP BusinessObjects platform pictured below. Business Objects has also built the industryapos 1, the html viewer is the best choice. Ll have an opportunity less to choose from two types of viewers for reading and modifying reports. Email Vendor, ondemand viewers are usually more willing to see your innovative creations of Webi dashboards and visual reports.

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Advanced Information Distribution Goverance: apos Publisher / BI Launchpad Integration in SAP BusinessObjects.2 SP4.With this growth in its centrality comes added pressures.


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Download these apos white papers to discover how to apply these solutions strategically to maximize BI ROI, reduce total cost of ownership, and improve resource management.Most users will expect to interact with a report by drilling into the data using filters.