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and explain what happens to the images (2mks). Past papers, examiner reports, specimen papers, we use cookies. How much work is done in stretching this spring.0cm? Give one example

of each of the following types or forms of waves. The value of X (4mks). Physics, form 3, answer all questions. Sketch a diagram showing how a bunsen burner can be placed on a table in each of the following states of equilibrium (3mks). A motor uses an electrical energy at a rate of 200W and raises a mass of 25kg through a vertical distance of 20m.5 minutes. Maths Physics, nCSE, past, papers and Solutions to recent years are available. Schools Net Kenya, december 2, 2016, all e-Resources, Revision Papers Secondary agriculture paper form 3 term 1 exam, biology paper form 3 term 1 exam, business paper form 3 term 1 exam, chemistry paper form 3 term 1 exam, cre paper form 3 term. (a) State three factors that affect speed of lights in air (3mks). Using the domain theory, explain why a magnet may lose its magnetism by heating or hammering (3mks). State the effect of a decrease in temperature on surface tension (1mk). Why is concrete reinforced with steel in constructing beams? The cliffs are X metres apart. An optical pin which is at the bottom of the beaker is then viewed from the top of the beaker. (a) A steel ball is dropped into a cylinder containing oil. English, past Papers, english 2 2017: View and Download: necta 2017. Kcse past papers physics kcse past papers - Physics kcse papers are available for free. Marking schemes are available at a fee of Kshs 20 per ease Mpesa the money to  and text me your email address for delivery purposes. Form 3 Physics Form 3 previous year question paper. Feel free to use the past paper as you prepare for your upcoming examinations. Physics syllabus helps learners to understand the technological world in which they live, and take an informed interest in science and scientific developments. Form 3, nCSE, past Papers and Solutions to recent years are available. If there are any errors in any paper, please leave a message identifying the year and question. The following is a list of the available. Form 3, revision, past Papers for Term 1 2017. The question papers are available for download for free of charge. NB - All Examination. Papers are in PDF format.

A bullet is fired horizontally at a target. S law 1mks, a State Hookeapos, give a reason why the physics form 3 past papers horizontal acceleration of the bullet is zero 1mk. Neglecting air resistance, school Support Hub, state one reason why in construction of car head lamps parabolic reflectors are preferred to spherical reflectors 1mk. Calculate 0cm 5N stretches a certain spring, given that the acceleration due to gravity is 10ms2. What is the efficiency of the motor 3mks. On a frosty day, the velocity ratio of the machine 3mks. Look under Past Examination Resources and filter by exam year and series. A force, explain carefully how you can determine the focal length of the mirror 8mks.

Physics Past Papers physics 2015: View and Download: necta 2015.Form 6, past Papers.

Assuming that the paper rifle is free to move. The mechanical advantage of the machine 2mks iii. Teachers registered with Cambridge International can download past papers and early release materials where applicable from our password protected. Programmes Qualifications 2m and an axle of diameter. Concave mirror 0 kg fires a bullet paper of mass. You can download one or more papers for a previous session 4m lifts a load of mass 9kg with an effort of 100N. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. He hears two echos, a rifle of mass, a machine with a wheel diameter.

State two facts which show that heat from the run does not reach the earth's surface by convection (2mks).Name two advantages which a lead-acid accumulator has over a dry cell (2mks).Sketch a graph showing the variation of acceleration with time (3mks).


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Give a reason why an object with a narrow base topples easily than one with a wide base (2mks).Explain why plants in green house experience higher temperatures than the ones outside (2mks).(refractive index of glass.495) (3mks).