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others in you Q A section. Since we dont add or use formaldehyde in the processing of the product, we dont test for it in the finished product. That

means the resin is lying right on the surface of the paper. This article notes that urea-formaldehyde resins are the least expensive (so likely to be most common). Procter Gambles customer rep told us that reducing the number of sheets actually enabled the company to improve the quality of its flagship Charmin. From Debra Lynn Dadd, after making a comment in a recent post about not using paper towels because they contain formaldehyde, I received this shocked email from a long-time reader. A follow-up statement said that product innovations yielded better, stronger tissue, so that you need fewer sheets to get the job done. I first heard about formaldehyde in paper towels years ago from people with MCS who reacted to paper towels. This is an industry website with lots of information. The graph most common WSR are urea formaldehyde resins (UF-resins) and melamine formaldehyde resins (MF-resins These chemicals need acid pH conditions and the presence of alum in the papermaking process. Still, those brands have many sizes, with and counting sheets isnt the only way to determine valuesheet size and thickness are also factors. The maker of Angel Soft brags that its double roll has 60 percent more sheets than Charmin Ultras double roll. I do know that chemicals can react and turn into something else entirely, such as fat and lye make soap. The brands mega rolls come with a money-back guarantee if they dont fit. Wet Strength Polymer, added to increase strength during wet use. What do you think? So be sure to hold on to your receipt and the packages UPC code just in case you need to claim your refund. Not to worry, say the makers of Charmin. At first glance this paper towel seems to not contain formaldehyde, however, it does contain Wet Strength Polymer. Below is the ingredients for the Bounty Towels Napkins. For hygiene and laminate papers polyethylenimine products are used for specialty papers such as industrial filter papers and shoe board. Debra, I cant believe that I have been trying to be as toxic free as possible for many, many years and I am still using paper towels daily! Consumer Reports contacted some customer-service representatives to find out whats behind all the shrinkage and received a variety of explanations. Product_Bottom, compare up to 4 Products. Delivery Fee.00, price Per SQ foot:.02 2 Business Day Delivery When Ordered by 12pm. It may be helpful to know that formaldehyde is a naturally occurring substance, and can be detected in wood pulp at very low concentrations.

Costcos decision to trim its Kirkland Signature multipacks from 36 to 30 rolls was also explained as a lessismore approach. They have in star their minds that this toilet paper costs 79 cents and that one costs 89 cents. Bounty Team, and consumers should need much less. The rep said, a customer rep said that the company took out the six rolls to provide a better product. Wendy, but they can be also used via surface application in the paper machine. A customer rep for KimberlyClark, theyre not taking into account that one has fewer sheets. He explains, the truth is that for years. That makes comparing products even more confusing.

Item 512599, some rolls are so bulky they may not even fit their bathroom enclosures. And costco bamboo paper towels we check that our raw materials do not contain any formaldehyde either. Please do not change the subject costco bamboo paper towels line. Check our toilet paper buying guide for more.

I contacted Bounty (Procter Gamble) and this is the list of ingredients sent.Item ships in plain package.


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Ingredient list, material function, processed Wood Pulp, used to make paper from softwood trees (Pine Spruce) and hardwood trees (Oak/maple.).Find a brand you like and stock up when its on sale.Our products dont contain recycled fibers.