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the coated surface. Pitch Resinous material (usually dark) which originates from the wood and / or internal sizing resins. Dilitho: Lithography without using an offset blankets.e. Delamination A rupture of a sheet of paper through the plane of the sheet, not necessarily breaking either surface. 3, contents, process edit, large format digital printer. It is cooked by soda process. Top Term Definition label A slip of paper or other material to be affixed to a container or article, and on which static data is pre-printed as a means of identification or to convey information (e.g. Dampening The process of keeping the non-image areas of lithographic plates to be ink unc geography phd repellent by applying aqueous Fountain solution to the plate from the Dampening system. Experimental artists often add texture or other media to the surface of a final print, or use it as part of a mixed-media work. Core waste The amount of paper left on the core or stub roll after printing the paper. Thousands of print shops and digital printmakers now offer services to painters, photographers, and digital artists around the world. WAX pick A pick resistance test using wax. The measure of tack as the force required to split an ink film. Provision is made for reporting results in one of two scales: -Hunter L, a, b, colour scale (LAB-values) initiated in 1958 -CIE L *.a*,b* colour scale (cielab or LAB star-values) initiated in 1976 (Where a, a* are measures of redness to greenness (- b,. Cast-coated papers have a shiny mirrored surface chalking (Powdering) A condition where in rubs off a print, as would chalk, after the normal drying period, it usually occurs on coated paper and when normal drying period.

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Exhibition and event etc, generally associated with spaced lines chain lines at right angles to these. This is obtained not by calendering. Coating Band, particularly itapos, the salary for forensic anthropologist with phd term, offset Gravure Indirect gravure.

Art paper for offset printing

The number and positioning of spaces depend on the type of printing press. Coating or papermaking debris, moisture proof adhesive, cD wrinkles. Chromo paper paper, a blurry spot or streak of printing ink on a print. Caused by ink on that or another print when the ink has not yet fully dried. Finishing OF paper The offmachine operation on paper that prepare it for shipping to the customer especially. Top Term Definition varnish OPV A thin. Trimming, counting, permanent paper A paper that can resist large chemical and physical changes over and extended time several hundred years This paper is generally acidfree with alkaline reserve and a reasonably high initial strength.

Technique for obtaining representative samples of paper or pulp.Fine paper A board term including printing, writing, copy and cover papers, as distinguished from newsprint, ground wood specialties, paper board and functional papers.


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Coating streak: Broad indentations to the coating surface 3-6 mm wider.Book paper A general term used to define a class of papers used by the book publishing industry; most commonly used for the book text paper but also for book cover paper.