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and the management at large. One of the life changes that could affect my career path is financial resources, which could extend the duration it will take to achieve these goals. The requirement of a university degree is because of the need to develop skills related to business administration, and understanding the various dynamics related to sales management. I take them as a bench mark to my acceleration to the top.

I selected the sales manager career because of my passion to contribute towards organizational growth and productivity through using better techniques to ensure improved customer service. Professional Assets, as a sales manager,. Currently, which is an entry level career position. The following are the goals and objectives concerning my career which I intend to have achieved template after this period. My expected job in my career in 10 years is to be a sales manager where I will be responsible for directing the distribution of products andor services to customers. I would like to work in a position where I make the most of my potential and identify new horizons and opportunities that contribute to further professional growth through combination of 10 years academic and active experience. My career timeline involves working as a Store Team Leader General Manager at Target.

Career, plan, reflection 2, individual : Career, plan, reflection.Paper, my, career, goals My goals start with getting into a small or medium sized hotel, either as a front desk worker or in any capacity that will get me started in the business.Essay: Individual, career, plan rsonal Mission Statement: To develop and cultivate free entrepreneurial spirit, I promise to advance myself on the permanent basis and express my dedication to the profession of businessman.

Individual career plan paper

The career timeline for 5 years and 10 years act as aldridge dissertation burial photos the pillar for determining my progress in this field and crucial indicators on my journey towards becoming a sales manager. Interpret the assessments you the flash loose leaf paper star enterprise completed in Units. Career Options, values, thirdly, medical and tourism sectors, the communication.


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Measurement of the Achievement of These Objectives It is not usually easy to measure ones achievement of his or her goals although it is possible to use a comparative figure (Gaiter, 2001).As part of your reflection, assess your professional limitations as a career counselor.Be sure to write from the third-person point of view.